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Life Insurance

Who will take care of your family and obligations when you die? Where will your funeral expense money come from? Who will make
up for your contributions to a church or charity when they stop due to your death? How will your children attend college?

Life insurance is the answer to these and many other financial issues. It is still one of the best bargains in insurance. If you have
had health problems that may cause your qualification for insurance to be more difficult, we have the markets and experience to
get you the best offer. Don't believe that answering a questionnaire on the Internet will yield the lowest rate. The fact is, there is
still no substitute for discussion by an experienced agent with you and the insurance company underwriter. We can help you
decide on the right type of life insurance policy and make important financial plans for your situation.
Long Term Care Insurance

You already protect yourself from the risk of an auto accident or damage to your home. And you may even protect your family from
the risk that you die prematurely or suffer a disability. But do you have a plan in place to protect you and your family from the most
likely occurrence of all: the risk of needing long-term care?

Maybe you’ve had a personal experience with caring for a loved one. Or perhaps a financial advisor has recommended at one
point or another that you look into protection for long-term care. Long-term care insurance helps pay for the cost of home care,
assisted living, or even a nursing home if necessary. It can lift the burden from your family, as well as protect your retirement

The cost of long-term care is considered to be one of the most crucial financial issues facing Americans today. A long-term care
plan is a powerful alternative to paying for the high cost of care from your savings, and can also help you remain in your home with
dignity and independence.

We can help you evaluate if this important coverage is right for you.
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