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Personal Automobile Insurance
Alabama auto insurance is complex. It is important to discuss your situation with us. We will take time to explain your choices. Some
insurers sell auto insurance through telemarketers, but our clients receive a much higher level of service without higher costs.
Through our years of experience, we can prove time and time again that there is no substitute for having an agent to guide you.  

Generally speaking, most Personal Auto policies provide the following basic coverage:

Bodily Injury Liability - Covers accidental injury or death of another person if caused by you in an automobile related accident.
Property Damage Liability - Covers accidental damage to other people's property if caused by you in an automobile related
Collision - Covers you for damage to your car in an accident, regardless of who was at fault.
Other Than Collision/Comprehensive - Covers your car against damage from fire, lightning, flood, theft, glass breakage, falling
objects, and other specified perils.
Medical Payments - Covers you and your family in any car, and anyone riding in your car for medical expenses resulting from an
Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist - Covers injury suffered by you, your family and anyone riding in your car against the
uninsured / underinsured or hit-and-run driver.

Please call
(251) 578-1051 or e-mail us to find out what coverage best fits your needs. Horton's Insurance has access to many home
and auto insurance companies, and we will work to find you the best coverage at the lowest price. Talk to us about the unique
features of our auto plans.
Homeowner's Insurance Coverage

Most homeowner’s insurance policies provide coverage for your home, its contents, and other
structures such as a garage or shed.

Personal property is typically covered against fire, lightning, theft, windstorms and hail, smoke,
damage by vehicle or aircraft, burst pipes, damage from falling objects, and damage caused by
weight of snow and ice. In addition, coverage is provided for personal liability, medical expenses
of others which result from injury on your premises, and damage to the property of others while
on your premises.

Renter’s coverage is also available. Coverage is provided for your contents as well as your
personal liability.
Recreational Vehicles

Through Progressive and Foremost, we can also provide coverage for your recreational
vehicles such as motorcycles, waverunners, RVs, and any other specialty items you might have.
Please contact us for a competitive quote.